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The Blue Pyramid
*More* Holy Hymns to the Great Gods of Heaven

By Frater DH

(Scan in dactylic hexameters.)
Da Babalon et melliferum baculum mihi gaudens
gaudenti, sapiens Babalon meretrix superorum.
Ubera pingant uberiusque rubentia rore
mentulam et os pueri qui oblatus eheu Lucumone est.
Give me, Babalon, even thine honeyed cup, rejoicing,
that I may rejoice; oh wise Babalon, harlot of the gods!
And may thy ruddying teats paint even more copiously with dew
the member and mouth of the boy who was offered (alas!) by the magistrate.
Mithra stans erecte in agone superbe patroneque patrum
sanguine tauri me benedic ferro galeaque.
Mithras, standing erect in the contest, proud, and patron of fathers,
with the blood of the bull bless me on my sword and my helmet!