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A Saturn-Gnosis Ritual
The Blue Pyramid
A Saturn-Gnosis Ritual

Compiled by Frater DH

This ritual was inspired by the philosophy of the Fraternitas Saturni, though it draws chiefly from Thelemic and Masonic rubrics.  It is intended to instill the virtues that come from Saturn, the guardian of the threshold: discipline, steeliness in the face of death, knowledge of hidden things.
The temple should be set up like a Chamber of Reflection, utilized in European Masonic rites:
"This small room or chamber, which does not necessarily adjoins the Lodge room, is dark, with the walls painted black, or, as in one case I saw, imitating a rocky underground cave. It contains the following: a simple rough wooden table on which we find: a human skull, usually on two crossbones, a chunk of bread, a pitcher with water, a cup with salt, a cup with sulphur, a lighted candle or lantern, an hourglass, paper, ink and pen, a wooden stool or chair painted on the wall: a rooster, a sickle, the acronym V.IT.R.I.O.L.(U.M.) and various sayings. "
On the paper should be written the question: "What is the destiny of man?"
The magician should be robed in black, his face covered completely by a cowl.
The Rubric:
(Note: the opening may be supplemented or replaced by Achad's invocation of Kronos.)
Standing before the table-altar, say:
Even as the traitor's breath
Goeth forth, he perisheth
By the secret sibilant word that is spoken unto death.
Even as the profane hand
Reacheth to the sacred sand,
Fire consumes him that his name be forgotten in the land.

Even as the wicked eye
Seeks the mysteries to spy,
So the blindness of the gods takes his spirit: he shall die.

Even as the evil priest,
Poisoned by the sacred feast,
Changes by its seven powers to the misbegotten beast:

Even as the powers of ill,
Broken by the wanded will,
Shriek about the holy place, vain and vague and terrible:

Even as the lords of hell,
Chained in fires before the spell,
Strain upon the sightless steel, break not fetters nor compel:

So be distant, O profane!
Children of the hurricane!
Lest the sword of fire destroy, lest the ways of death be plain!

So depart, and so be wise,
Lest your perishable eyes
Look upon the formless fire, see the maiden sacrifice!

So depart, and secret flame
Burn upon the stone of shame,
That the holy ones may hear music of the sleepless Name!

Holy, holy, holy spouse
Of the sun-engirdled house,
With the secret symbol burning on thy multiscient brows! ....

Even as the traitor's breath
Goeth forth, he perisheth
By the secret sibilant word that is spoken unto death.
Battery 3-5-3, Sign of Silence

Poison of Eld, the Dweller in Eternity, be thou invoked by the Mother of Heaven, beloved of the Stars, for the secret purpose Shabbatai!
Anoint skull with "blood", chanting the infernal invocation of OAI.
Sing of Silence.
For behold, the time is midnight, the place, the Fortress on the Frontier of the Abyss, and the Mother of Heaven is enthroned.
And lo, the brethren are fed upon the corpses of their children, they have quenched their thirst upon poppy heads infused with blood, the raven has croaked, the owl has hooted, the bat has flapped its wings.
There was no crackling in the dried leaves.
There was no heart in the black lamb.
The sacred python was found dead.
Sign of silence.  3-5-3
Holy be the Lamps of Joy!
Holy be the Lamps of Sorrow!
Let us enter the ark of Increased Knowledge!
Hail, thou that sittest in the City of the Pyramids!
Hail, thou that art encamped upon the Great Sea!
For the name of increased knowledge is Death, and the ark thereof, the Grave.
Seating yourself, answer the question posed upon the parchment in the fullest possible detail, taking dictation from the Masters of the Temple as necessary.
When finished, sign the document in your own blood, partake of the bread and water, and then burn the paper, saying:
Stabat Lux juxta Crucem.  Stabat Crux juxta Lucem.
...and retreat forthwith from the temple, stripping yourself of the garments of mourning.