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The Blue Pyramid
Further Notes on the Invocation of the Great Gods

Compiled from Approved Sources by Frater DH.

The Purpose of the Working:

"After the Versicle Fra. L.T. obtained a message in Angelic to the effect that the gods wish to regain Their dominion upon earth, these Initiated Brethren being as Fiery Arrows shot by Them in Their war against the slave-gods."  (Paris Working, Opus XI)

For Invocations of Mercury:

"Q: Will he help in Geomancy?
A: Yes.
Q: And also in the conduct of affairs?
A: In some not in all.
Q: In business?
A: In some business.
Q: What?
A: Books, money, love.
Q: How can we invoke Mercury better?
A: Use a golden pentagram, placing the same in a prominent position; drink yellow wine and eat fish before the Ceremony. Let the clock be removed."  (PW, Opus II)

For Invocations of Juppiter:

"I am praying Him to fill us with magick force for this invocation of Juppiter.

"He says it depends principally upon the banquets." 
(PW, Opus III)

On Certain Other Matters:

"Q: Shall I make statues of all the gods?
A: No.
Q: Shall I make tablets of all the gods?
A: Yes.
Q: Plain tablets, with the Versicles?
A: No.
Q: What tablets?
A: Tablets with the names only.
Q: In what order shall we invoke the gods?
A: The proper order is -- Venus, Mercury, Juppiter, Luna, Sol." (PW, Opus II)

Further Instructions:

"Concerning the Rites, O.S.V. is always to be first to scry. L.T. is to write down in the scrying. L.T. is always to be the priest. These Rites are never to be done for more than six successive nights,<<NOte. Evidently the Rite of Mercury is exceptional; for it asks 8 nights, Wednesday to Wednesday. See above O.M.>> and four is a better number. The Rites should never begin earlier than nine o'clock at night, and should never last longer than three hours and a half.

"These are the colours of certain gods: --
Priapus -- Yellow and purple.
Iacchus -- Scarlet and green.
Venus-- Blue, white and gold.
Minerva-- White and silver with a little dark blue.
Pan-- Crimson.

"The floor should be white, but, on festivals and special occasions, black and white, or red and white squares.
Further instructions will be given from time to time.

"Music may be employed in the Rite, but in a subordinate manner. It should be soft and stringed.
Celebrants of the Rite should not be bare-headed, but should wear head-dresses of white, or such other colour as may be indicated."

A Certain Method of Obtaining Visions, Which Might be Adapted with Profit to This Operation:

"Let there be a room furnished as for the ritual of passing through Tuat. And let the aspirant be clad in the robes of, and let him bear the insignia of his grade. And at the least he shall be a neophyte.

"Three days and three nights shall he have been in the tomb, vigilant and fasting, for he shall sleep no longer than three hours at any one time, and he shall drink pure water, and eat little sweet cakes consecrated unto the moon, and fruits, and the eggs of the duck, or of the goose, or of the plover. And he shall be shut in, so that no man may break in upon his meditation. But in the last twelve hours he shall neither eat nor sleep.

"Then shall he break his fast, eating rich food, and drinking sweet wines, and wines that foam; and he shall banish the elements and the planets and the signs and the sephiroth; and then shall he take the holy table that he hath made for his altar; and he shall take the call of the Aethyr of which he will partake, which he hath written in the angelic character, or in the character of the holy alphabet that is revealed in Pop, upon a fair sheet of virgin vellum; and therewith shall he conjure the Aethyr, chanting the call. And in the lamp that is hung above the altar shall he burn the call that he hath written.

"Then shall he kneel before the holy table, and it shall be given him to partake of the mystery of the Aethyr."  (Vision and the Voice, Cry of the 18th Aethyr)