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Thursday, 12 June 2003

As an adherent of Thelema, I have a certain affection for pop-Nietzscheanism, although I've tasted the real thing, and know it's far better.

But one pop-Nietzschean I can't stand is f'ing Ayn Rand. Hate hate hate her.

That's one of the reasons I can't stand Satanism. Most Satanists basically read Crowley as if he were Rand (or just let Lavey do it for him).

Tyagi, as always, is an exception. Which is one of the reasons I like him.

Posted by bluepyramid at 1:20 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 11 June 2003
God Plays Dice
I love to toss dice.

Love to f'ing toss them. It fascinates me.

One number comes up. Than another. What's it gonna be next?

Good thing I never gamble.

I've been trying to figure out a satisfactory way to divine with them. Apparently the Tibetans do it all the time; I'll get one of those books when I have the cash.

Right now all I've found is low fortune-telling style techniques. Shame. The bounce, clattering, and fall of a die is so profound.

On a semi-related note: Li Qi Jing. Daoist classic of divination with "magical chess-pieces." Looks wicked cool. Joey Biroco has a bit on it here:

('bout half-way down).

Posted by bluepyramid at 3:33 AM EDT
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