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Tuesday, 22 July 2003
Liber AL
A number of Thelemites, most notably Sam Webster and Kenneth Grant, have argued that Liber AL is a tantra or grimoire.

As I continue to study it, I become more and more convinced of this. In fact, my working hypothesis is that the entire book describes a relatively small sequence of rituals and esoteric meditations centered around a mandala (the palace with four gates) which may be the Stele itself.

Excitation of the anahata chakra (Hadit is the serpent who flames in the heart of every man) seems to be a key, followed by the visualization of the heart-star as one in a blindingly vast universe of stars in the body of Nuit; and this disorienting switch-off is probably the essence of ordeal x. (Energized Enthusiasm hints at this both obviously and veiledly).

Anahata-excitation also seems to be a key to astral travel and rising on the planes (put on wings...).

[Authorial intent (always problematic with L.AL anyways) would not prove a barrier to this. According to _Taoist Master Chuang_, which is indispensible reading BTW, the Chuang-zi is used as a 'grimoire' of meditations by Daoist adepts, though it clearly was meant as a somewhat more mundane philosophic text.]

Posted by bluepyramid at 6:17 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 22 July 2003 11:55 PM EDT
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